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How Does a Bimetal Thermometer Work?

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Bimetal Thermometer works with two different pieces of metal inside the shaft.

Temperatures can be meassured based on the principle of different thermal expansion of solids.

For this purpose, two metal strips (e.g. steel and brass) with different degrees of thermal expansion are firmly joined together.

When heated, the metal strip deforms due to the different degrees of expansion.

The deformation is a measure of the temperature and can be read off a calibrated scale.

Due to their metallic materials, bimetallic thermometers can be used at temperatures from below -100 °C to more than 500 °C.

These thermometers come in different face and stem sizes. The one that is best for you will depend on the visual and space requirements you have for your particular project. For instance, we offer 2.5″ to 5″ dial sizes. We offer stem lenght that range from 2.5″ to 24″ .

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